Since 1996, DBG has held it’s own Homebrewer of the Year and Walk the Line With Barley Wine competitions as well as participating in ALL competitions across the state of Florida!

Please be aware, there was no 2014, and will be no 2015 Homebrewer of the Year Competition. The Club will pick Homebrewer of the Year up again in 2016 moving forward.

This year, DBG is Partnering with PUB Guild to bring you the 2018 Pepper Beer Competition!

Competition Date: Sunday, August 26th

Entry Window: July 2nd – August 13th

Judging Registration: July 2nd – August 13th

All Competition Judging will be done day of Competition.
Guidelines and Information:

This year’s competition will follow the 2015 BJCP’s Guidelines for sanctioned competitions and will be part of the Florida Circuit.

Entries will be accepted from the following 2015 BJCP Styles in Beer, Mead, and Cider:

1 – A  B  D
2 – A  B  C
6 – B
7 – A
10 – A  B  C
12 – C
13 – B C
14 – A  B  C
15 – A  B  C
19 – A  C
20 – A  B
21 – A
22 – A  B  C
23 – A  B
24 – A
25 – A  B  C

Categories may be collapsed as necessary.

All Beer entries must be in 10-12 oz. brown or green glass. No bottles with ink, name-brand lettering (i.e. Corona), or glued or taped on paper labels. Raised NO DEPOSIT, brand names, or manufacturing codes are acceptable. Beers must be capped with crown caps. Meads & Ciders may be entered in 6 to 12 oz bottles. Grolsch-type swing tops are acceptable for meads and ciders. No 22 ounce bombers, 750 ml bottles or plastic bottles are permitted. Bottles not meeting these requirements will be disqualified.

An entry consists of 3 bottles.  If you choose to submit less than 3 bottles, you must mention the number of bottles in the comments when registering.  Submitting two bottles will make the entry ineligible for Best of Show.

Both the pepper and beer base style should be present and not overpower one another. Balance is key! When placing your entry, you must specify the pepper variety in your entry so the judges know what to expect. For instance, if you enter a Jalapeno Lager, enter it as a Lager, then specify the pepper variety as Jalapeno.


Delivering Entries

Select your delivery location in REGGIE. This helps us find your entry.

Please ensure the entry labels are attached to the neck of each of your bottles with a rubber band. Please deliver your entries in a box or 6 pack holder to the delivery location you selected in REGGIE.

Competition Reggie link:

Drop off/mail in locations:

Rapp Brewing Company:

10930 Endeavor Way,

Seminole, FL. 33777

VetterBrew HomeBrew Supply (drop-off and mail-in)
2705 Cypress Dr,
Clearwater, FL 33763


Hillsborough County:
Southern Brewing & Winemaking
4500 N Nebraska Ave
Tampa, FL 33603
THE RESULTS ARE IN! You can view the winners here: . You may also log into reggie to view your scoresheets with judge feed back.

Walk the Line With Barleywine 2018:



DBG will be holding Walk the Line With Barleywine this year, 12/1/2018!

The categories are:

17A English Strong Ale

17B Old Ale

17D English Barleywine

22B American Strong Ale

22C American Barleywine

30C Winter Seasonal Beer

33A Wood Aged Versions of any of the Above Six Styles

Further information and reggie link will be provided ASAP.

If you would like to see current/past National competition results, please visit Though you can create a login if you wish, it is not necessary to view competition results. If DBG does not appear for an event selected, then DBG did not participate in that event.

Please see the 2005 – 2013 Homebrewer of the year Archives here:

Homebrewer of the Year DBG Archive

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